If you can forgive the expression, I can’t help always waxing lyrical about my excitement and love for beekeeping. I could go on and on for days on end, but fortunately, positively speaking, I can’t. Here, I have restricted myself to the amount of white space I can use. Out there, yes, you guessed it, there’s beekeeping to see to. I have not had a look at my checklist but, having gone through the motions a few times at least, I think it’s the turn of the honeycombs.

The weight must be unbearable by now. Wear and tear is also a factor. It is always so amazing how much stress hundreds of bees can place on just one honeycomb. If I leave it unattended, it could well break. Also, no matter how well it is sheltered in or near the hive, these honeycombs still get exposed to the elements. This puts more stress on the worker bees. While they can be furiously busy, the cleaning of honeycombs becomes an unnecessary and laborious task for them.

Now if I was as organized as these bees are this would not have happened. Not without complaint, I am typing out this post for the umpteenth time. Thankfully, beekeeping does not appear to be as complex as my laptop. I have been saying to my boss at work and now to my blog manager that I am so old school. I do not need to explain the term to you. By now you know what this means. During the process of typing this post, my laptop crashed.

Other than crying my eyes out, I did not know what to do. To cut a long story short, I will now have to call in an expert to see and have a look at what has happened and somehow undo the mess that I seem to have created as a result of trying to fix things on my own. I did look for outside help, but to no avail. These men were only interested in making a fast buck while quietly undoing my files and software. Being old school, that’s the suspicion I got anyway.

Now that I’m here, I’m so glad. But it’s going to take a while for me to catch up. For instance, I now have to get used to my neighbor’s laptop keys and all the program files. Where to find things and so forth. You might be reading this and asking yourself what has this got to do with beekeeping anyway. I thought about this too. You are waiting to find out about this woman’s love for beekeeping. Yes, I thought about that too.

I thought I’d blend in my recent travails which I hope are behind me now, with the organizational and knowledgeable capabilities of these thousands of worker bees being monitored by a few hundred soldiers and serving their queen. There is no problem that these bees cannot solve. I don’t know whether you’ve ever been close to a hive and seen just how busy they are. Even if you see one bee apparently motionless, your eyes have deceived you.

Look a little closer and he is probably brushing off nectar to feed to his queen. There’s really no hesitation or procrastination on the part of these bees. I have to say that this is all awe inspiring. I sigh to myself and wish upon the garden wall that I could be just like them. But do you know, this old school habit of mine might not have been so bad after all. Notice how it appears that modern technology has apparently been designed in such a way to supposedly make your life easier.

So much for that, I say. Look where that dependency landed me. But then again, if it wasn’t for these tools I would not have been able to put this post together for you and share my thoughts in the way that I have ended up doing. My post is published and you read it within minutes. I am led to believe that bees, while they may have evolved over thousands of years, just as we all have, they are still doing things in pretty much the same way that they were programmed to do.

This part is sad, mind you. You must have all had dreams of one day meeting your Prince Charming and then living happily ever after in your palace. It’s not the case for the queen bee. Surrounded by thousands of workaholics, she is alone for all of her breeding days. And where mating is concerned, for obvious reasons this goes on every day, she would not have a clue as to who she is intimate with. There’s no love here.

Only devotion to duty and survival and production to make sure that is the case. Cynics may be saying that this is all beeswax. Well, there you go. Nature takes its course, and no matter how hard the life of the queen and her thousands of bees may seem to us, well some of us anyway, their lives matter. They are essential to ensure our own very existence. They are a vital cog in our plants’ and trees’ ability to cross-pollinate.

They are essential for helping produce the food that we eat every day. I remain inspired and I adore the efforts of these little creatures.