About Me

It was given to me to write my own introduction. I did not expect this and it took me by surprise. I am not a writer by trade and I had barely done any writing up to now, other than the odd office memo here and there on behalf of my supervisor. My supervisor has, nevertheless commended me on my writing abilities. I did have one other love which I suppose has helped me to write as well as others say I have it within me to do.

The surprise that shook me came from the blog administrator, the kind young man with all the technical buzz at his fingertips to go on and create what I have since learned is essentially my very own hobby blog. And that hobby blog is that of a female beekeeper. It is not my profession, mind you, but it does consume me with great passion, so much so, that at some time in the future, this may well lead to a fulltime occupation.

The love for beekeeping is not the love that has helped my writing abilities. I think it is fair to say that from the earliest age that it was deemed that I would be able to learn, around the time my dear mother placed my first book of words on my bed for me to begin, my interest in reading simply grew. I think it is also possibly due to my ever-expanding curiosity, wanting to know more and more about the things that surround us.

By the time I could run about it unaided, I was always curious about what was happening in the garden. I wondered why the population of those dear little chameleons kept growing smaller and smaller every year. I wondered why birds would only be busy around my mother’s garden and not over the wall at our neighbors. In the beginning, I was horrified of them, because I learned from experience that these little colorful creatures could really hurt me.

I had to wonder where these unusual creatures came from and why they were always so busy buzzing around my mother’s flowers. And so into my first years of adulthood, my curiosity grew and grew. And today, thanks to much reading, I am able to continue in my search for answers to questions that I have on the magical world of bees and the things we must do to ensure that we all have a nice pot of honey to look forward to with our tea.

Time is marching on. It is almost time for tea already. So before that, let me quickly tell you a little bit about what you can expect to be reading in this first batch of posts on beekeeping and why it consumes me so. I will be describing a typical day for me in the garden. I would want you to learn more too, so I am going to publish a little checklist for you to take home with you. I need to tell you a little bit about what goes on inside that little bee’s brain and what his mother does with herself all day. I have to tell you why I love beekeeping so much.  And there’s much more to look forward to after this, so please stay posted.